Que es Cafe y Conversacion?
What is Coffee and Conversation?

Un tiempo para conversacion informal con vecinos y miembros de la comunidad. Mejore su ingles o espanol! Unate a nosotros!

A time for informal conversation with neighbors and community members. Improve your English and/or Spanish!

ONA esta oference un Cafe y Conversation en colaboración con el Programa de Educación de Lenguas Mundiales de Rhode Island College! El programa se va a enfocar en español e inglés. Si hablas uno de los dos idiomas y estás aprendiendo el otro, este programa te va a ayudar!

Donación sugerida: $35

ONA is starting a VIRTUAL Language Exchange Program for our members in collaboration with the Rhode Island College World Languages Education Program! The focus will be on Spanish and English. If you speak one of these languages and are learning the other, this program is for you! Open to all!

We meet as a whole group on Zoom to kick off the program. At the event, you will be matched with your partner and provided an overview of the goals of the program. You and your partner will commit to meeting at least once a week for the six weeks at a time that is convenient for both of you. You may choose to meet in person or using one of the following platforms: Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, or whatever works for you. Nearing the end of the six weeks, we will meet again as a whole group on Zoom.

We hope that this will not only improve language skills, but also help us to get to know our neighbors and build a stronger community. 

Suggested donation to ONA: $35

Photo from Art In Ruins